Designs completed for various high profile brands at Brand New School. Most were pitches and had to be created fast. I have found that working with such haste can be liberating. The limitations sharpened my view and stopped me from being too precious every step of the way. The end goal is always a striking image.


Festive design work for Microsoft. It can often be a challenge to create premium looking Christmas branding. My approach was to keep things minimal and focus on texture and lighting and try not to combine red with green! Instead opulent gold shines on a backdrop of rich red.

Frame 3 CC
Frame 2 CC
Fan Transition


Every portfolio needs an atmospheric paper world ad! My chance came working for SPDRS, an online investment tool. To represent the different investment sectors, I created simple silhouetted icons. My frames depict one of the market sectors unfolding from a paper fan like a pop up book, and a more 3D globe opening up and forming from pages of an open book.

Fan Flat
Earth Frame


Bold, colorful and approachable branding work for a health insurance brand, creating a Rune Goldberg style machine and the classic eureka moment lightbulb.

TB Machine Frame



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