One Plus 3T

Design for One Plus’ flagship phone, the 3T, created at Brandnewschool. Epic vistas, flowing seas of mercury like metal and highly detailed microchip cities. The film tells the story of the phone being built and how the different elements of the 3T connect to the human experience, highlighting key features along the way. An ambitious FX heavy film that required a lot of technical knowledge to design. I enjoyed pushing the boundaries, using fluid sims, landscape generators and a vast amount of geometry.

The look needed to be high tech and dark - a space like vacuum broken by piercing red lights. In a study of contrasting scales and distorting perception, the phone becomes a platform for mountain ranges and seas. An entire branded world that fits in your palm.

Crystal Transition5
Edge Shot
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For the macro shots in the film, I utilized depth of field, shallow lenses and cellular patterns. Tiny glass facets fall into place to form a perfect lens. The final image depicts 'Fast Charge' being inside the cable along with electricity, zooming towards the phone’s battery.

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